Coffee Enemas – How To Use Raw Organic Coffee For Cleansing

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Coffee Enemas: Say What?!

Yes, Coffee Enemas. There are a lot of people who always question that is this true and the answer yes. Coffee actually have health benefits. People who have gone through extreme health conditions due to excessive drinking and being reckless when they were young suffer when they reach a particular age. We will tell you a story of a young women who have gone through serious health conditions and then she gained her health back just by taking coffee as a therapy.

Macy was very reckless when she was young. She use to drink heavily because of which she got into serious health conditions like she had sinus infections and started to have digestive problems and also experienced brain fog. She started to loose her hairs and her joints became weak. When she had her son, she faced the most difficult time because her body was not able to take it and she faced extreme weakness because of which she was unable to look after her child. There was something which was very wrong with her health.

After a lot of medical tests, the doctors told her that she got not one but many health problems. She was not shocked since she was already facing a lot of problems. She then decided to improve her health because she got a son now and she must be healthy for him.

Sending a Health S.O.S.

As she learned a lot about herself when she had those tests done. Her biggest struggle was this that she was unable to look after her child and other than taking care of her child, she had to manage and maintain her household and also do a full time job. She suffered from hypothyroidism, cryptosporidiosis, activated Epstein-Barre and a tick-borne disease called Babesia. After going through so many problems and not having the energy to cope up with anything. Macy finally decided to look for an alternative solution of her health improvement.

Enter the Coffee Enema!

Coffee, coffee and coffee it is. Yes, coffee it is. It is strange but its true. When modern medicine fail then the old methods can do the trick. Coffee have some very unique qualities of cleaning the system of a person and removing all that toxic waste from the body. Macy first cannot believe it that can the solution of her problems can be this simple. The answer yes, it's that simple. It's coffee. When she started to ask the doctors then they even confirmed her that this procedure is around a thousand years old and it generates good health and removes the toxic waste from the body. This procedure is even explained in the Merck Manual Diagnosis and Therapy. This treatment was not standard until the year 1972. Macy then started to go through a lot of medical reports herself because she could not believe what she just heard. When she read herself then she realized that it’s all true and coffee is used for gaining back health for thousands of years. This helped her open herself to this idea and also to look at it seriously to gain her health back. She then decided to commit herself to gaining her health back by adopting this therapy. She then received a birthday card from her husband which teased her that she is like coffee.

Just like Macy discovered a lot of health benefits of coffee, there are a lot more benefits, such as:

  • Coffee can increase the energy levels and also makes a person more alert.
  • Coffee can detoxify and stimulate the congested bile ducts of the liver and make it more functional.
  • Coffee also helps in eliminating yeast and parasites from the body.
  • Coffee can even remove the stones and the sludge’s made in the gallbladder.
  • A Health Resurrection.

Macy had a lot of questions in her mind and most of them were questions related with how coffee actually improves health. Since, logically speaking, it is difficult to understand and to absorb all the great benefits the coffee actually generates. Macy got all the information she needed over the procedure and also how this treatment works and she became a little satisfied with what she was reading because a lot of people ended up with good results and this was the best part of it, good results.

Macy then started to experiment and she started with identifying six variables that can affect the procedure.

The six variables are:

  1. Volume – The first most important question was this that how much of the liquid is used and the standard answer was that it was two pints.
  2. Concentration – What should be the ratio of coffee to water when you brew it. It should be 2 tablespoons per quart of water.
  3. Caffeination – The strength of the caffeine should be according to tolerable level.
  4. Duration – Define for how long each does of coffee can he held.
  5. Temperature – Coffee temperature must be medium hot.
  6. Bucket height – This is the speed with which the liquid will enter into your colon, this is 16 inch above your hiney.

These variables can be adjusted according to requirement and now the actual procedure will be defined with instructions.

Ingredients & Equipment

Essential Equipment:

The equipment which will be used is organic coffee, filtered water, a coffee enema filter, half a gallon mason jars, 1 to 5 quarts of glass enema bucket kit, a rubber colon tube, rolling enema hose clamp, lubricant of any choice and a beaucoup paper towels.

Optional Equipment:

The equipment which will be used is a witch hazel, intimate equipment soap , poo pourri spray, squatty potty, non-toxic disinfectant and a good book.

How to Prepare Enema Coffee

  1. First prepare coffee – If you want to make coffee then you have to mix two tablespoons of fresh organic coffee into boiled water which can be 1 liter, this water have to be filtered, then let it set and mix on its own pace for 5 minutes then you press it. After that you let the coffee cool down for around 2 to 3 hours so it can come to body temperature.
  2. Enema container – The coffee have to be kept in stainless steel or 2 quart enema bags can be used also. Coffee can be kept in a glass bucket also. These all containers have to be air tight so the coffee doesn’t lose its freshness.
  3. Remove air – Removing air from the container is very important. You can do this by holding the clamp but don’t hold it so tight that it closes the path of the hose. Then you place the tip of the hose in your sink and hold the enema bag so the coffee will start to flow down. Then you quickly close the clamp. This will expel all the air which was present in the tube. Before you anything, you first make sure that you have closed that clamp and if you will leave it open then it will create a mess because then you will have coffee all over. You fill the enema bucket with light warm water. If you will keep it too hot then you will end up burning yourself and if it will be too cold then you will end up having a coolatta. So, you have to be very careful.
  4. Burning because of too hot water is one of the most common cases which are observed when doing this procedure.
  5. Lubricate – Then you start to lubricate the enema tip with a little amount of aloe oil , coconut or jojoba oil.
  6. Position – You must lay on your left side.
  7. You have to place the container above – With your clamp which is closed, you hang the enema bag just above your abdomen and the height can be 1 foot then you let the bucket rest on a sink.
  8. Insert – Now this is the difficult part, you have to insert the colon tube from your rear at it must be inserted 6 to 10 inches inside. This is not a comfortable procedure but once you will get the full treatment then you will feel comfortable and you will also feel healthy. So, don’t stop , if it’s very difficult then take a deep breath and then keep pushing so you can get it in to your desired depth. You can even use a rubber band and wrap it up, this will also help you.
  9. Open the flow – Then you open the clamp of the bag and let it flow. The water will not flow immediately but it will take some time to start flowing completely. If you see that it is giving you cramps then you must stop the procedure and let yourself adjust.
  10. Retain the fluid – You can retain half volume for 10 minutes and then you expel and then you repeat the procedure again.


Coffee Enema Cleanup

  1. After the procedure is complete, it is advised that you first clean your hands before you touch anything else.
  2. Then you pull out the colon tube which is on the hose and then place it at a clean and dry place.
  3. Cleaning the colon tube is very important. It is important to avoid any infections. So, you can wash it with hydrogen peroxide and lunette wash and then wash it with water.
  4. After you are done washing it, you can keep at a dry place.
  5. You also wash the bucket and wash it with hot water. After washing the bucket, fill the bucket with hot water.
  6. Washing the bucket can be a little difficult. You can open the clamp so the water can flow through , this will clean the remaining coffee in the bucket and tube and it will clean it.
  7. When the bucket is empty and you have taken out all the water then you wipe it with a paper towel.
  8. After the procedure you will feel very dehydrated, so its very important that you drink a lot of water. You must drink water and also mix a little coconut water so it help in hydrating.


Coffee Enema Troubleshooting

When you will start the procedure then you will have a lot of difficulty and yes you will have a lot. So, don’t be afraid but go through the different troubles that you will face. So, you can solve it and get your enema done with ease.

Holding Enema Can Be A Problem – Holding the enema is very difficult but with practice you can get it done. There are certain things that you have to keep in mind to overcome all the problems which you will face.

Volume – Sometimes the volume can create problems for you that is when the liquid is more then it can turn into an issue. So, start with holding only half of the liquid that you made. So, the volume of the liquid that you have stay in your control and it doesn’t go out of your hand. If you will make the liquid less then you want the bucket to be 16 inches higher so the gravity can do its trick and then you can easily flush yours bowels.

Concentration – The strength of the coffee can also affect the procedure and make it uncomfortable so you can dilute it and make it less concentrated so it can be comfortable.

Duration – Duration of each session can also effect the enema. You can have one session of only 3 to 4 minutes and not more than that. So, you can hold it and then you can release, expel and repeat easily.

Temperature – Always have lukewarm temperature so you don’t burn yourself and the temperature will also make you feel more comfortable.

Coffee Enemas Make Me Jittery! – Yes, this can happen to you. This procedure can make you jittery so try to control and concentrate.

There Is Blood In My Stool – After this procedure, if you are not careful then you can even have blood in your stool. So, be very careful and even if you end up having blood then you can use coconut oil to soothe that wound..

I Can Taste Coffee In My Mouth – Your taste buds can be triggered because its natural.

After you will go through the procedure, you will only be healthy and happy.