Beauty And Health Benefits Of Holistic Cymedics™ System

By Optimal HealthWellness

Let's be honest with ourselves, ladies, sometimes it feels like youthful skin, a toned body, slim waistline, and perky breasts are forever out of reach. Aging, weight fluctuations, child bearing, and poor habits can all take an aesthetic toll. We get it – it can often feel like there is an impasse between where we currently are with our beauty and fitness goals and where we want to be. The tried and true steps of moisturizing and protecting skin, incorporating fitness into your routine, and eating high quality, nutrient dense foods are a wonderful place to start. But these healthy lifestyle changes are not the end of the story.

The truth is, many women want faster results. They've adopted a healthy routine and they're taking care of their skin but they're just not getting the results they want. However, these same women often want to avoid the invasive procedures, high costs, and excess downtime that come with surgery. Women in this predicament have until recently been frustrated by a lack of middle ground options.

For women who want to see fast acting and long lasting results a new miracle worker has revolutionized the holistic health space: cymedics™.

This system uses cutting edge technology to mimic and stimulate the body's regeneration processes. What this means for you is a noticeably toned, tightened and youthful appearance without going under the knife! Whether your problem area is cellulite, sagging breasts, wrinkled skin, or excess fat cymedics™ can transform your appearance-and your life.

Holistic beauty systems are based on the principle that outer beauty is directly analogous with inner balance and harmony. Simply put, we cannot achieve true exterior beauty and health if we have not addressed the underlying sources of health.

Fast Results Without Invasive Procedures

Cymedics™ is a therapeutic machine that tones and tightens the body without the negative impacts of other experimental treatments. For most of our clients the option of surgery to improve their appearance feels too extreme and financially untenable. cymedics™ is the perfect middle ground – it provides tangible results without surgery or invasive treatments.

Cymedics™ is a non-invasive, holistic health care system that delivers lasting, dramatic results. The revolutionary, non-invasive therapy has swept through the most upscale medical spas and beauty clinics in Western Europe and now it has arrived in the United States! The state-of-the-art cymedics™ computer use gentle and pain-free microcurrents to boost cellular rejuvenation. Rejuvenated cells mean a firmer, more toned, and more youthful appearance. But cymedics™ doesn't stop there. It also reduces fat from problem areas, and reduces the appearance of acne, stretch marks, and cellulite. cymedics™ treats both the face and body for a total, comprehensive beauty transformation.

Cymedics™ combines advanced western technology with the wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine and acupuncture principles. By stimulating the cellular processes of the body it encourage the body to heal from within.

Based on Advanced Scientific Research

Cymedics™ is based on innovative diagnostics and years of research. Cymedics™ stimulates the body's natural regeneration process using pioneered and groundbreaking biocybernetic procedures. What is biocybernetics, you ask? It is a fancy word for a process that is vital to both your health and your aesthetic beauty. It represents the science of the holistic regulatory mechanisms in human tissue. Cymedics™ measures these biological mechanisms and adapts to each individual by creating a precise and customized stimulation from the data collected.

State-of-the-art, cutting edge computer technology forms the basis of the method's accurate and high impact results. The razor sharp device provides 900 readings a second to create the most optimal tissue treatment algorithm out there.

Computer prescribed low frequency microcurrents transfer energy into the treatment area. These microcurrents stimulate the tissue to start a natural and breathtaking renewal and regeneration process. Collagen is one of the key sources of youthful, toned, and supple skin and microcurrents stimulate its production. Cell repair is activated and cells are stimulated to perform at an optimal level.

Comprehensive Range of Treatments

Cymedics™ offers a comprehensive suite of treatments that will benefit all women. The most compelling part of the system? It is not only completely non-invasive but provides pain free, long lasting, and reliable results. This is the perfect solution for women who want to avoid the down-time, costs, and physical discomfort associated with surgery. There is no catch and there are no side effects!

Do you have concerns with cellulite, wrinkles, loose skin, and sagging breasts? Cymedics™ offers skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, breast lift, and cellulite treatments. Whether you want to transform your thighs, buttocks, arms, breasts, or abdomen cymedics™ can offer targeted and tangible results. But Cymedics™ doesn't stop there. It can tighten and firm your neck and face and it promotes collagen production for youthful and glowing skin.

Many women are insecure about their bodies and they are not getting the results they want from their fitness and diet routine. They want to step up their efforts. If this is you, I guarantee you will be amazed at the reduction of these concerns after just twelve sessions.

Rapid Fat Removal

Unfortunately, genetics play a large part in the way that fat is distributed on the body. Aging can further undermine our efforts at staying in shape and cultivating a toned and contoured appearance. If your efforts at cutting fat and losing weight have been unsatisfactory cymedics™ will be the answer to your prayers. The therapeutic system work to loosen and remove build-up in the fat cells. This waste and water buildup is redistributed to the lymphatic pathways and eliminated from the body. This reduces the appearance of loose and sagging skin and promotes higher energy levels. The currents stimulate circulation, which in turn speeds up your metabolism. What that means for you is an enhanced ability to burn fat and stay lean.

Cellulite, Begone!

Cellulite is a pesky problem nearly all women face and struggle with everyday. Cellulite is caused by fat cells clumping and pushing against the surrounding tissue. It was long thought to be an inevitable part of aging. Think again. Cymedics™ is transforming the battleground by delivering a rapid and noticeable reduction in cellulite. The treatments use microcurrents to remove the water from fat cells, shrinking them and breaking down the compounds into fatty acids which are then redistributed and used as energy.

Perk Up!

Cymedics™ works wonders on the bust. As gravity, aging, childbearing and weight fluctuations pull your breasts ever lower it can feel like surgery is the only option to stop the tide. Not so! The holistic beauty treatment works to tighten the breast tissue at the cellular level, creating a firmer and lifted appearance. These benefits can be enjoyed by women with breast implants, as well.

Rapid and Long Lasting Results

Cymedics™ has revolutionized the holistic beauty space because it delivers the results of a more invasive treatment in just twelve sessions. While you can enjoy results after a few sessions, completing the full treatment plan will deliver the most striking and long lasting results. The best part of the treatment plan? You can schedule two sessions a week. What that means for you is a dramatic and stunning health, fitness, and beauty transformation in just six weeks! Space out your sessions by two days to allow your body to absorb the full effects of the treatment.

Long Term Solution

Many women are concerned that surgery is the only path to long lasting results. Cymedics™ proves that a natural and holistic system can provide results that are as enduring and reliable as any invasive treatment! The way your cells react to the microcurrent impulses of the cymedics™ system leads to longer lasting results. The microcurrent rejuvenates the cells and as this electric current passes through them information is exchanged between the cells, soft tissues, and the brain. This works to relieve inflammation, swelling, and wrinkles and leads to long lasting results. The visual effect is that of a face lift or tumour tuck and a glowing, supple complexion.

Providing a Holistic Approach

Cymedics™ is not only pain-free and non-invasive but it embraces a holistic mind-body approach to health that proves that beauty is more than skin deep! It is based on the principles and wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine, which recognizes energy meridians as being central to maintaining wellbeing, physical fitness, and holistic health.

Cymedics™ offers treatments designed to rebalance your energy levels to improve wellbeing and offers an innovative treatment that restores equilibrium in targeted body areas. Cymedics™ Premium offers a fully holistic suite of treatments that provides benefits like improved metabolism, stimulated fat burning, tissue vitalization, and improved lymphatic circulation. cymedics™ premium mimics the natural processes of the body and seeks to bring your body into harmony.

Cymedics™ Treatments are Relaxing and Pain-Free

Enjoy a relaxing session on the therapy table while the cymedics™ computer evaluates your metrics. Sessions last around sixty minutes and most clients report feeling an increased sense of vitality and clarity after an appointment! A relaxed, spa-like atmosphere and comfortable table configuration increase the feeling of well-being an appointment can cultivate. You can even fall asleep with ease and peace of mind!

It's easy to see why as the treatment feels more like a gentle massage than an intensive holistic health, fitness, and beauty experience. The pain-free experience is a huge benefit that more intensive beauty treatments simply don't offer.

Customized cymedics™ Sessions

Every cymedics™ session is customized to provide the most streamlined and personalized results. The artificial intelligence computer reads your bioelectric energy of the tissue in specific problem areas. This reading provides an evaluation of the tissues current condition and determines specific therapy requirements, revealing what treatment you need to reap the most effective results. After applying a nutrient-rich gel, your therapist will place a micro-conductor along the meridian energy pathways of the body. The computer will calculate how the tissue reacts to the conductor – revealing what frequency will be most beneficial to produce optimal results.

Cymedics™ measures your metrics against a database of bioelectric frequencies. This comparison allows you to generate an optimum improvement model and helps align the actual state of your cells to the desired state. After the analysis your technician can assess the results and create a custom plan to correct your cells to an equilibrium state. The regulatory circuit and biocybernetic procedure ensure that the cells are accurately stimulated every single time.

Final Thoughts About cymedics™ and its Benefits

Simply put, cymedics™ has revolutionized the holistic health space and will transform your fitness and beauty routine. If you have been longing for more tangible and rapid results from your fitness routine, look no further. You can achieve the beautiful results you've been dreaming of, including a more toned appearance, reduced cellulite, and perkier breasts, with a quick and painless treatment plan. Women everywhere will benefit from the non-invasive and fast acting therapy. Not only will you turn heads in no time but you'll have friends and acquaintances alike commenting on your youthful, fit, radiant new self!