AmpCoil – Self-Help And Holistic Care For The Modern Times

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AmpCoil – Everything is Sound

AmpCoil is a new technology to bring your body back on health by using sound (audible) technology. This is not only a very novel approach to alternative care but also very effective. Let us help you understand this technology and how it works. But first, let us start by explaining to you that what PEMF is.

What is PEMF?

PEMP stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. This is healthy source of energy, which improves the circulation of blood and also the cell metabolism. The electromagnetic energy is a type of energy which can control the chemistry of your body very easily, because it can penetrate deep into your body, creating a lot of health benefits.

If this energy is disrupted then it creates problems in the cell metabolism as the functioning of the cell reduces. In simple words, your health is directly related to the health of your cells.

Matter is a Mirage

If you want to fully understand what PEMF is and how it works then first let's start with understanding and examining the physical available matters. When it comes to understanding the solidity of this world then it seems like an impossible question that these things are fixed in nature. The human body is also solid in nature. But according to Albert Einstein, the modern physics declare it to be a mirage only. There is a lot more in this life other than what we can feel through our five senses only.

Whatever is in our surrounding is a kind of frequency and if you increase this frequency then all this structure will be disturbed and the matter will change because of vibrations. If there are too many sounds (vibrations) that are conflicting, it will create an imbalance in the body. So when it comes to connecting this idea with reality, then it doesn't make any sense that sound vibrations can help in generating health.

AmpCoil - Optimal Health, Beverly Hills

Sound Holds Life Together

It is a reality that when you play music then it always make you feel happy and generates a good feeling. However, the main question: Do the vibrations generated by sound help you actually feel happy and better? It may come as no surprise but it's true that sound vibrations have positive health benefits.

All the things in this world are tied up together with the sound vibrations and the frequencies in our surroundings. The sounds are actually the basis which can hold the forms and the shapes together. From the very microscopic to anything gigantic, this universe is consisting of very strange and also remarkable patterns which are making these shapes and forms. Similarly, the sounds are also having the same patterns, these patterns cannot be seen but they can be only heard.

Safe, Fast, Natural & Effective

The AmpCoil has been called the sound technology of modern times. And that's because non-invasive PEMF sound technology helps the body get back on track through sound vibrations and it does it faster and in a safer way than you can even imagine.

PEMF restores the damaged cells by re-energizing them and returning them into healthy and a normal state; As they were before, and as the nature has intended them to be.

So when the metabolism of the cells is boosted, it can give the following health benefits:

  • Regeneration of new blood cells.
  • The blood circulation improves.
  • The capacity of a cell to carry oxygen increases.
  • It relaxes the nervous system.
  • The joints and bones become more strong.
  • The vital organs of the body, such as the kidneys, liver and the colon are purified and they get rid of the impurities themselves.
  • The body observes a healthier and a more stronger immune system.

PEMF can reduce pain. It can also help in generating better quality of life by letting your body perform the functions which they are naturally designed for. This technology is used extensively in sports with athletes for their recovery because of injuries and also to improve their performance.

PEMF have also other applications, including chronic illnesses which are related to inflammation and pain, like the arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines/headaches and chronic back pains. It can improve the autoimmune disorders which are chronic in nature, like Lyme disease and its related co-infections. It can help in improving the whole body as it treats those localized areas where the actual injury exits.

AmpCoil is Self-help And Holistic Care For The Modern Times

The modern civilization is using a lot of technology and gadgets in the environment which are against nature own balance. Every one of us are inherently blocking this energy and thus we always remain in a state of vibrational homeostasis. We think we are doing this to keep us in a state of balance, but in reality we are not doing any good. Our bodies are solid and made up of cells, atoms and molecules. And when magnified, you can see the basic quantum level, demonstrating that we are all made of subtle energy fields which are containing no matter.

Connect with the Wisdom of your Body

The objects which are in our surroundings radiates, conducts and absorb energy which carries frequency waves. Disease is caused then because there are interferences in the frequencies which carry the natural waves. When they are disturbed, it causes diseases. One way to cure these diseases is when you let the body neutralize and then correct the harmonic imbalances which are created because of the frequency interferences.

There are many researches, which show that whenever there are energy imbalances then it creates blockage in your body and this can be because of any stress, trauma, deficiencies, abuse, pathogens (or auto-intoxication) and can be due to dysfunction of the immune system. When these imbalances are generated then they can be in the form of a physical manifest like an emotional or mental disorder, pain, discomfort, distress, low energy, foggy brain and so many more. So, in order to maintain and increase your health, you must focus of increasing the flow of energy through your body.

There is a BetterGuide App which is powering the AmpCoil and it can help in reshaping the functions and the forms of the vibrational imbalances generated in the body and they can be retuned back. This can be done to all the parts of the anatomy and physiology of one's body. AmpCoil can also be taken as a tuning fork, which can be used on a body to correct the imbalances.

AmpCoil - Optimal Health, Beverly Hills

Ampcoil uses PEMF which is a wave therapy and also the most latest sound technology which is guided by voice, a biofeedback app which is called BetterGuide. BetterGuide is designed in a way which uses the extensive mathematical algorithms created to play back the frequency notes which matches the frequency of a person. So it is more of a personalized therapy. This frequency is released deep into the body cells.

The coil (called a Tesla Coil) used by PEMF process is very safe and it is called, along with that, this process uses an amplifier, which acts like a very high powered tuning fork which is for tuning your body. This have a very positive effect on the biology of the body as it helps the body return back to its harmonized and balanced state which it was naturally before.

You can imagine this process similar to two tuning forks: When striking one tuning fork and then bringing it close to the other fork, you will observe that they will start to vibrate in a harmony. And it works the same way with the body; The vibrations of the coil will bring the body frequency back into harmony.

When the pathogen in your body are hit by the frequency then they will start to be disabled because of the high amplitude. The pathogen can be a parasite which is hiding in your body and giving you diseases. The result of this therapy will be that the natural immune system will start to work and it will start to fight back the diseases in your body.

Imagine the Possibilities

AmpCoil is an amazing technology which uses PEMF device and it helps the patient with the biofeedback. Thus, the patient is able to understand the actual diseases in the body. This device have a lot of frequency programs which can help in targeting the actual issues by delivering the tones into the nerves, brain, cells, senses, skin, blood, lymph, meridians and a lot more simultaneously. The total physiology of the body and the nurturing vibrations are very helpful in balancing the immune system.

For Everyone and All Ages

AmpCoil is for everyone, regardless of age, and is very safe and effective. It provides care for your family and you for a lifetime. Whether you are fighting microbes or recovering from an injury, improving the gut health, improving the sleep and also the immune system.


The AmpCoil is very useful but this therapy is not recommended in some cases. They can be when you are having a defibrillator, pacemaker, ear cochlear, an insulin pump or any metal electronic implant. However, this device can be used by those people who are having metal plates or they have screws which are in their bones because they had a bone fracture. This device is safe to use with metals like the titanium or the stainless steel but it is not good with the metals which can be attracted to a magnet or can be magnetized.

There are a number of studies which are now proving that the most diseases link is with stress in your life and this accounts for atleast 80% of the causes of the diseases. Stress is a main problem and it can be caused by anything in your environment, any physical problem, emotional and a psychological issues, job, relationship, etc.

Do you feel the need for a nourished, balanced, restored, strengthened and rejuvenated life? You can achieve all these benefits from AmpCoil, including, but not limited to:

  • Reduces autoimmune stress and also helps in reducing any chronic illness.
  • AmpCoil helps in discovering the imbalances.
  • It also helps in reducing the organ and cellular stress which is caused by the disease you have.
  • It even detects the indicators which generate stress and need to be neutralized.
  • AmpCoil helps in relieving the recurring stress.
  • Even it helps in addressing the causes of the diseases.
  • Neutralizes metals, microbes and the toxins.
  • It nourishes the organs.
  • It penetrates and reaches the hollow organs too.
  • It permeates the crosses and cells of the blood brain barrier which is called the lyme disease.
  • AmpCoil helps in managing chronic pain.

AmpCoil is safe and effective, and available at a very affordable price. You can easily keep it in your home. As your body age, it's paramount to develop an understanding how different diseases will affect your body. Monitoring your body every day or even just once a week will give you a clear idea of the current state of the type of health your body is in.