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Happy Feet Make For a Happy Body

Ionic foot detox baths function as a very powerful, bio-field enhancing and detoxification tool. Ionic foot baths can be used as a stand-alone detoxification tool, or as an addition to other holistic therapies.

Ionic foot detox baths help improve the micro-circulation of the blood and aids to re-energize and revitalize your body’s systems.

Instead of direct detoxification, ionic foot bath machines boost the functioning of the detoxifying organs by unblocking the energy of the meridians and enhancing the body’s own ability to detoxify. Charged toxins in our bodies are attracted to the oppositely charged ions in the ionic foot bath.

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Opposites Attract

Increased amount of ions produced in an ionic foot bath may also help balance your PH and may help “tag” waste and garbage, for your organs to detect and eliminate.

Ionic Foot Detox at Optimal Health in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California

Ionic foot baths have been under criticism for the most part, because of false claims and misunderstandings. During the session, the water often changes color. It is important to understand that the color change of the water IS NOT due to toxins being pulled out of your body, through your feet. Read on to learn more.

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What Can I Expect During an Ionic Foot Detox Bath?

During the session the color of the water changes from clear to orange, yellow, green, brown or black. Sometimes you see oily sediments, white froth or black specks.

The change of the color is a reaction of the water, your body chemistry and the ions. The water will change color EVEN if the machine is operated without any feet in the water. The ideal initial protocol is every other day for 12 sessions.

During this period, you will see the color of the water change quite dramatically. There is definitely something happening!

What About The Color Change?

A typical ionic foot detox color chart may look something like this:

Color Corresponding Organs
White Yeast, Lymphatic System
Yellow Urinary Tract
Orange   Dark Yellow   Brown Joints, Liver
Red Flecks Blood Clots
Green Gall Bladder
Blue Kidney
Black Flecks Heavy Metals
Foam Mucus
Oil Floating Fat
Black Liver, Gallbladder


If you look at a chart like this, keep in mind that there is a lot of contradicting information and very little, or no scientific evidence, to support the validity to these charts. Wether or not the color charts themselves have any scientific validity, there is plenty of evidence that the ionization of the body can be a very powerful aid to restoring balance and well-being.

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